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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers will need to provide their contact details, such as name, Email address and phone number for registration.

Yes you can change or update your contact details and any changes made will reflect on your account details instantaneously.

Registration for customers is free of cost, they only pay for the travel services purchased from Cozmo Travel.

Account activation after registration is instantaneous and customers may purchase their first trip or tour soon after registration.

Cozmo Travel accepts credit card payments to make it convenient for our customers

Cozmo Travel makes an effort to accommodate all customer requirements, changes of flight or cruise plans will be made based on the service provider and the associated terms and conditions.

Changes to the accommodation plan will depend on the service provider and the associated terms and conditions.

Customers are advised to be at the airport check-in three hours prior to the actual flight departure time as check-in, immigration and security checks may take time. Customers are required to note that airlines have stringent departure timings and customers may be denied checking in or boarding the plane in case they are not cleared from security, immigration, etc.

Yes you can pre-book the transfer from the arrival airport on our website or contact Cozmo Travel to make the arrangements.

Airport terminal details are provided on the airline website or alternatively customers can contact Cozmo Travel for further information on departure timings and the right terminal for flight departure.

Changes or upgrades to existing seating arrangements for customers will be done at the sole discretion of the airline and associated terms and conditions.

Sports equipment is allowed on the flight at an additional charge levied by the airline. It will be convenient for customers to pre-book the equipment to be carried on board the flight.

Every airport has its own website and alternatively customers can always contact Cozmo Travel for more information on any of the destination airports in your travel plans.

Every airline has its own specific limit (usually between 15 and 20 kilograms), low cost airlines may charge for check-in baggage, even the type of ticket also determines the baggage that a customer can carry on the flight. There may also be restrictions based on security reasons. Customers can always contact Cozmo Travel for any clarifications on baggage limits.

Hand baggage requirements are decided by the airline and customers can contact Cozmo Travel for any information on hand baggage limits for specific airlines.

Every airline provides meals (except in the case of short duration flights). Low cost carriers offer food and beverages on a chargeable basis. Meals on low cost carriers may be booked on their website. Customers with specific meal requirements (muslim, infant, etc) need to inform Cozmo Travel and we will make the necessary changes to your meal requirements at an extra charge levied by the low cost airline.

Security measures announced on the airline’s website or contacting Cozmo Travel for more information on what can be carried in your luggage will help you pack what is necessary for your flight.

Baggage labels can be collected at the check-in counter at the airport. It is recommended to visibly label all your baggage with contact details to ensure smooth transit and to prevent any loss or damage to baggage.

Cozmo Travel will provide the necessary confirmation about your hotel or resort booking and information can also be found on the websites related to the hotel or resort they are staying in.

Changing or cancelling of hotel or resort bookings depends on the hotel or resort and the policies regarding this procedure. Customers can either contact Cozmo Travel for a change or cancellation and we will advise them of the steps to be taken.

All facilities mentioned on the offer or hotel or resort websites will be included in the pricing of the hotel or resort booking. Subject to change at the discretion of the authorities. Customers are advised to contact Cozmo Travel for more information on facilities and if there are any changes or upgrades to their accommodation at the destination.

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