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Germany is a country located in central-western Europe. It’s a dynamic country which offers something for every traveller. The country is widely popular for its different tourist routes like Avenue Road, Romantic Road, Wine Route, and the Castle Road. Most of the tourists plan their Germany Tourbecauseof its rich history and ethos. The country surprises tourists with its enchanting beauty and traditional diversity. The varieties of landscapes are one of the major Germany Attractions. With all these, Germany is no doubt the finest travel hotspot in the European continent. Bavarian Alps is the mostpreferred destinationto visit for any traveller in their Germany Holidays.

Travel and Tourism sharea major part of the country’s GDP. The classy old cities, fascinating Bavarian towns, alluring forests of charm, medieval villages, all together make your Germany Tripaspellbinding journey and a must visit place on earth. If you are looking to plan holidays to Germany, get in touch with Cozmo travel. We assure you fantastic services on the whole as a package, and make you come back home with memories that you would never forget in your lifetime.


Speaking of Germany Activities, water sports are much popular in the Country. There are literally hundreds of adventure and sports activities for tourists. Many tourists enjoy performing a range of water sports activities such as Surfboards, Canyoning, Paragliding, etc. Besides all these, experience the beautiful nightlife and shopping in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. Also, Berlin hosts the best festivals; participate in the local celebrations to understand the array of cultures and make your Germany Tripfilled with beautiful memories.

Some activities that you must and should try in GermanyTour:

  • Canyoning
  • Surfing
  • Zip-line
  • Rafting
  • Motorboating
  • Paragliding
  • Water Skiing

Major Attractions

There are a numerous number of tourist attractions in Germany and people are curious about where to go and what to do and learn. Each place has a history and will make you learn new things about them. Visit the Romantic Rhine; it ranks as the precious regions in the country with respect to history and culture. Do not forget to visit Berlin, the capital of Germany. You can find diverse ethnic groupsand plenty of historic attractions that will make your Germany Holidayshighly amazing.

These are some of the most visited landmarks and major Germany Attractions:

  • Rugen Island
  • Romantic Rhine
  • Berlin
  • Nymphenburg Palace
  • Museum Island
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Munich
  • Miniatur Wunderland
  • Sanssouci Park
  • Dresden Zwinger

Must try foods

Did you know? Majority of locals in Germany love meat. In all the delicacies, potatoes and meat is widely used. Currywurst is a fast food dish which you can find at any place in Germany, but it’s greatly famous in Berlin.If you are a foodie, explore a range of street foods in your Germany Tripwhich will make you go awe with the fantastic taste. Though German dishes seem simple to appear, they will mesmerize you with their unique taste.

Here are some of the foods that you must try before coming back from your Germany Holidays:

  • Fladle
  • Spatzle
  • Spaghettieis
  • Currywurst
  • Rouladen
  • Schnitzel
  • Sauerbraten
  • Maultasche

Additional Information

Germany will not provide visa on arrival facility for some countries. These country nationals must apply and get a visa before they enter the country. Those holding the Indian passport must apply for Schengen Visa before entering into the German land. Moreover, you need to provide certain proofs/documents to get an approval into the country. After entering Germany, do remember that you must not flip your finger. This gesture is considered highly offensive in the country and you will be sent to jail or will be asked to pay fine.

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